The TRX Xmount Ceiling and Wall Anchor

by Darin @ FitnessCulture

trx xmountNo open beams in your home? Don’t feel comfortable using the TRX Door Anchor attachment? Then, the TRX Xmount could be a good solution.

The Xmount is fairly basic. It’s a sturdy, discreet, well-designed anchoring accessory for your TRX Suspension Trainer.

With the Xmount, you can create a dedicated TRX workout station anywhere in your home. One friend of mine even went so far as to install one of these in his office at work where during the course of the day, he’ll do light workouts and stretching.

Constructed of high quality steel and measuring 4.5 inches in diameter, the TRX Xmount provides a fixed solid anchoring point for your TRX. The Xmount can be installed on walls or ceilings provided the structure is sound.

Have a look at the video below for a brief overview of the TRX Xmount:

Originally, I had my TRX Suspension Trainer anchored from a chin up bar in the basement. The chin up bar is about seven feet above the ground and located in a relatively high traffic area near the stairs. I wanted to bring the anchor point up to the full eight feet and move the TRX to an adjoining area about a dozen feet away.

After doing a bit of research, I initially considered picking up a gate handle or something similar from Home Depot and mounting to the ceiling joist, but had second thoughts.

Because of my sometimes practical (some say miserly) nature, I make a habit of searching for inexpensive ways of doing things. Sometimes the results are good, but more often than not, I end up spending even more time and money than I originally intended.

Another concern I had was the quality of materials used to make $6 gate handles manufactured by the thousands in China or how these handles would stand up to repeated use and forces from various angles.

For safety, stability, and ease of mind, I decided to spend the extra money and go with the TRX Xmount. The Xmount was specifically designed as a ceiling or wall mounted anchor point.  And, since I’ve found all TRX products to be made of high quality materials and workmanship, I could trust this product and in fact, still do.

Some Important Xmount Installation Advice:

The installation of the TRX Xmount is the most crucial and potentially troublesome aspect of this product. I always feel it’s a good idea to error on the side of caution and install the Xmount so it can support many times your body weight.

Here are eight pointers that will help:

Tip #1: Before buying, carefully consider the location of the Xmount installation. Examine the age and suitability of the substructure, the proximity of electrical or plumbing fixtures, the amount of room for exercises, etc.

Tip #2: Read the mounting instructions carefully. This may seem like common sense, but some of us (including me) often skip this step and it comes back to haunt us.

Tip #3: Make certain both of the lag screws are fixed into the solid wood of the joist. Click HERE for tips on how to use lag screws.

Tip #4: It’s best if you can locate the joists visually through a panel, vent or any other access. If not, use a good electronic stud finder to locate the joist.

Tip #5: Pre-drill pilot holes for your lag screws. If the pilot holes aren’t wide or deep enough, there’s a decent chance you’ll shear the head right off the lag screw.

Tip #6: If it takes an extreme amount of effort to screw in the lag screws, back them off and drill out the holes a size larger.

Tip #7: Once installed, it’s a good idea to occasionally test/tighten the lag screws to make sure they’re remaining tight and secure.

Tip #8: If you’re installing in concrete, use concrete expansion bolts or high quality concrete lag shield anchors. See the following video for a demonstration on how to properly install Lag Shield Concrete Anchors:

Very important: if you’re not absolutely confident with any aspect of mounting the TRX Xmount, please consult someone who knows what they are doing or even have the Xmount professionally installed.

TRX Xmount Summary

As mentioned above, if you’re not comfortable using the TRX Door Anchor attachment or you don’t have anything suitable to wrap the TRX around in your home, the TRX Xmount could be the way to go. With the TRX Xmount ceiling mount and adequate space, it’s easy to create a dedicated TRX workout area in your home or office.

When considering the TRX Xmount, be sure to plan the installation carefully. I can’t say this enough. This will be the source of any headaches regarding this product. Once the TRX Xmount is properly installed, you’ll love it…

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